Ductless Air ConditioningDuctless air conditioning in Solon, OH, introduces new possibilities for cooling your home. With this system, you can add cooling to an older home that does not have air ducts. Also known as a mini-split AC, the equipment works wherever you need indoor temperature control but lack air ducts. You could mount a ductless mini split unit in a garage or workshop.

This technology also presents a great choice when you want zoned cooling even if you already have central AC. You get to control the temperature in a single room instead of the whole house.

Solon Ductless Air Conditioning Installation

A ductless mini-split has a wall-mounted air handler inside a room that blows out conditioned air. The interior air handler connects to an outdoor compressor. Refrigerant lines extend between the interior and exterior units. The refrigerant lines require only a small outlet through a wall.

Installing the refrigerant lines requires less space and intrusion than building a duct. The refrigerant collects the heat inside your room and transfers it outside. The compressor expels the heat and pumps cooled refrigerant back to the interior unit. The air handler uses the cooled refrigerant to produce cool air.

Description of mini-split AC installation:
  • Determine placement of air handler and compressor
  • Choose where the refrigerant line exits the building
  • Connect electricity to the unit
  • Attach interior and exterior units
  • Connect and seal refrigerant lines
  • Test and calibrate the system
A consultation with KW Lang Mechanical will inform you about the benefits of ductless air conditioning in Solon. We will evaluate your cooling challenges and explain where we can mount the equipment. You can place units in multiple rooms if desired.

We will provide information about the expected operational costs of a mini-split AC. You can expect better efficiency than a central air conditioning system. We size the unit in each space according to its square footage. In this way, you get precision temperature control in your home office, living room, or bedroom.

Ductless Air Conditioning Installation

Choose Ductless Air Conditioning Experts

KW Lang Mechanical has been in business since 1927. We’ve seen plenty of advances in home comfort technology over the decades. Our factory-trained AC technicians update their skills continually to provide you with exceptional service. Our expertise means that you can trust us for reliable repair, maintenance, or installation of a mini-split AC. Ask us about our financing on approved credit if you want to install a new and efficient cooling system.


To improve your home in Solon with ductless air conditioning, contact KW Lang Mechanical today. We offer expert ductless AC service in Cleveland and the surrounding areas.