Depending on the time of year (spring or fall), we will check the following components:

  1. Change Filter – we only use 40% pleated media filters.
  2. Clean condenser coils and check condenser fan.
  3. Check compressor oil level.
  4. Check refrigerant charge.
  5. Lubricate all bearings.
  6. Tighten contactor terminals.
  7. Check all burners and heat exchanger for rust/corrosion.
  8. Check pilot assembly, blower assembly.
  9. Check belts and pulleys for excessive wear.
  10. Check all thermostats.
  11. Check gas pressure.
  12. Check voltage, wiring and terminals.
  13. Check controls including economizer controls when applicable.
  14. Check pumps and water lines
  15. Check water tower – evaporator condenser.

…and much more depending on your specific application. After we have checked the equipment, we will give you a complete report on our findings.

Preventative Maintenance Plan FAQ

This is what can happen when your system is not properly maintained. This customer’s humidifier was never maintained and caused major damage to the heating system.