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Heating Repair Solon OH

KW Lang Mechanical has provided expert furnace repairs in the Solon, OH, area for decades. Our heating contractors provide fast, reliable, and qualified services, and we’ve been serving the area since 1927. The worst thing that can happen to a homeowner is the sudden sense of feeling helpless when a home heating system fails. Whether it’s a blower fan failing and coming unhinged from its frame or the system motherboard no longer responding, the homeowner can call for help. And help is needed right away when the heater fails during the winter when it’s needed the most. That’s where our A+ BBB-accredited HVAC team comes in. We’re proud to offer fast, reliable heating repairs to ensure you get the help you need when you need it most.

Typical issues that can trigger a heating repair can range from:


  • Failing to change the heating filters regularly causes the system to work harder.
  • Eventual wear and tear of the equipment due to time and age, or
  • Years of temperature changes that eventually cause unsafe cracks in the furnace by which natural gas or carbon monoxide can begin to escape.

It’s important to remember many home heating systems last 8 to 12 years at best, and the latter half of that period is when repairs begin to be needed.

Exceptional Heat Pump & Furnace Repair in Solon

Because our technicians are trained with both practical troubleshooting as well as industry standards for heating repair, our team is able to tackle just about every heating system repair issue that may come up in today’s homes. From faulty thermostats and unusual noises or smells to just a lack of hot of air, we can fix it all. No matter the issue, you can trust our crew to get things right in no time at all. Our extensive training includes expertise in:

Carrier Furnace

  • High-efficiency upgrades
  • Setting up and refurbishing zoning systems
  • Partial and whole house equipment replacement, and
  • Emergency furnace repair

Need a Heater Repair? Contact KW Lang Mechanical

KW Lang Mechanical will always respond and be there when Solon, OH region homeowners need help the most. Homeowners can rest assured that if something does need repair, our team at KW Lang Mechanical will be there to fix it right the first time using the highest quality of parts and equipment. Contact us today to schedule your furnace repair appointment! We also proudly offer heating installation, furnace maintenance and emergency AC repair.