Q. How can I save money with a Stovicek Planned Maintenance Agreement?

A. By maintaining your HVAC system on a regular basis, energy costs are kept to a minimum, while efficiency, comfort levels for employees and equipment performance are maximized.

Q. Why should I consider a Stovicek Planned Maintenance Agreement when I have maintenance personnel that can take care of the HVAC system?

A. Your maintenance personnel may be able to provide you with HVAC equipment services, however, it is important to ensure that your HVAC equipment is maintained and inspected by certified technicians. Our technicians are experts in the industry and know how to spot potential problems. We also have quick and easy access to parts that may be necessary to get a system back on line. The last thing you want is to lose productivity in an office/warehouse because your HVAC system is not operating. We strive to build a relationship with on-site maintenance personnel so that we may work as a team to prevent and correct problems.

Q. I have someone to change my filters on a regular basis. Isn’t that all that’s necessary?

A. Definitely not. Just changing filters will not catch problems or ensure peak equipment performance. It is much cheaper to change a belt or contactor than to replace a compressor or expensive piece of equipment.

Q. What are some of the other benefits of a Stovicek Planned Maintenance Agreement?
  • You will receive priority service as a maintenance agreement customer.
  • Discounted service rates.
  • Less down-time when a problem occurs. We are just a phone call away, night or day.
  • Increased comfort conditions for employees: Fact – when it’s too hot or too cold in the work environment, productivity suffers.
  • Reduced complaints from tenants and employees.
  • Maximize energy savings by ensuring equipment is running at optimal performance.
  • Extend the life of your costly HVAC system(s).
  • Peace of mind knowing that our technicians are highly skilled and drug tested.
  • We have agreements to fit any budget.