Will My Heat Pump Work When Temperatures Reach Freezing?

Heat Pumps in Solon, OH

Heat pumps can seem like the ideal heating and cooling option for any home. You need to have only one system installed, and it can be highly efficient to operate as compared to other types of heating and cooling systems. However, one major drawback of heat pumps many years ago was their inability to perform well in freezing temperatures.

Modern Technology Has Changed All That

Heat pumps for residential use went mainstream around the 1980s. While these initial heat pumps worked great in moderate climates, they struggled a lot when temperatures went down below freezing. This created a problem for many who lived in colder climates where temperatures dipped below freezing on a regular basis. However, modern technology has changed all that.

Modern heat pumps can work perfectly fine in zero-degree temperatures. This efficient operation during colder weather can be attributed to improved compressor designs, coil designs, more efficient fans and better motors. Now, heat pumps have been tested to work in all different environments around the globe.

Dealing With Negative Temperatures

The limitation of most modern air-source heat pumps is around -13 degrees Fahrenheit. If you live in a region of the world that actively sees these low temperatures on a regular basis, then you may need to supplement your existing heat pump with a dual-fuel system. This could be as simple as installing a gas furnace alongside your heat pump to help reduce heat when your heat pump is unable to do so in an efficient manner.

With heat pumps being up to three times more efficient than traditional gas or heating oil furnaces, it’s no surprise that more and more homeowners are looking into getting them. For most climates throughout the country, heat pumps are an adequate source of heat during the coldest winter days.

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