Things To Do Before Calling An Emergency Furnace Repairman

It is the dead of winter in Cleveland and you have been sound asleep for sometime. Then you are stirred by the sense that something has just gone wrong, but you cannot immediately find anything obvious in the house. You hear the gusty winds blowing outside and see the frost on the windows, but the house is warm and so you go back to bed, sliding under your blankets.

Thirty minutes later you find yourself up again, only to find that the house has suddenly turned much cooler and the furnace has gone silent.

Uh oh.

The first thought is to pick up the phone and call for emergency furnace repair in Cleveland Ohio. But before you spend a single dollar on a early morning service call, there are a number of obvious things you can check that may require you to call someone else other than a furnace service technician. These are simple things and steps that have been taken that you can tell the emergency furnace service technician when he arrives.

First, check to see if the thermostat is properly set and working. You may find that it is something as simple as someone in the house was fooling with the thermostat because they were too cold or too warm. This is one of those situations that require domestic resolution.

Next, make sure the electrical power in the house is on. Furnaces and thermostats run on electricity, and even if your furnace is heating the intake air, if there is no way to circulate that air throughout the house then the efficiency of your heater will not matter much.

Try turning the thermostat up several degrees – enough to force it to turn on. Then go to where the furnace is and see if it is operating properly. Also listen for the fan and be sure it is properly working. If all of this is OK, then take a quick tour of the house to make sure there are no unexplained open doors or broken windows. During the coldest of winter nights it does not take a lot to drain heat from your home.

If the furnace sounds noisy, is making funny noises, or your hear a metallic rattling, your furnace may be working but there is something physically wrong with its operation. It is more than likely you will not be able to specifically identify what part is broken or malfunctioning, and cleaning your heater filters or turning the thermostat up will not fix the source of the problem.

Now you can call a company for emergency furnace repair in Cleveland Ohio. The question is which company is going to be available at odd hours in the morning and how dependable are they? You do not have to look any further than KW Lang Mechanical, a business that prides itself on being able to meet the need of every homeowner and business in Cleveland when it comes to heating repair services. You can tell the service technician who responds the steps you have taken to be certain the problem is with the furnace itself, and is not another system in the house.