How Does My Furnace Work?

January 11, 2022

Most people have gas furnaces heating their homes because these systems work well and are more efficient than ever. It’s helpful to know how one heats your home so if something goes wrong you have some idea what the problem may be. The Heating Cycle Explained In the heating cycle, a crucial process begins with a pipe connecting your utility’s natural gas line to the furnace within your home. Once the gas flows into the furnace, a burner ignites it, initiating the heating process. As the gas burns, the resulting exhaust is safely vented outside your home to ensure proper ventilation. Simultaneously, within the furnace, the cold air from your home enters the system. This incoming air undergoes a transformative process, encountering the heat generated by the burning gas. This encounter leads to the warming of the previously cold air, a crucial step in the heating cycle. To circulate this newly warmed air back into your living spaces, a powerful blower fan comes into play. This fan actively propels the heated air through a system of ductwork, strategically distributing it throughout your home. This meticulously designed airflow pattern ensures that every room receives the warmth, effectively maintaining a comfortable and...

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