How Does My Furnace Work?

Furnace Services in Solon, OH

Most people have gas furnaces heating their homes because these systems work well and are more efficient than ever. It’s helpful to know how one heats your home so if something goes wrong you have some idea what the problem may be.

The Heating Cycle

There’s a pipe that runs to your utility’s natural gas line and your furnace. When the gas enters your furnace, a burner lights it. Exhaust from burning the gas is vented outside your home. Cold air from your home passes through the furnace and is heated. A blower fan pushes the warmed air back into your home through ductwork.


There’s a thermostat inside your home that’s hard-wired to the furnace. It tells the furnace when to turn on and off according to your desired temperature.


Gas is ignited in the burners. The burners maintain controlled flames.


The gas in your furnace is lit by an igniter. In modern furnaces, the igniter emits a spark that causes gas to ignite. Old gas furnaces used to have a pilot light that served the same purpose.

Flame Detector

This is a safety device that turns off the supply of gas if the igniter should fail. Otherwise, gas could build up dangerously and explode.

Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger is a series of metal tubes that separate the combustion process from the air inside your home. It prevents dangerous gases from getting blown into your home. Cold air blows around the heat exchanger and is warmed.

Blower Fan and Motor

Your furnace has a small electric fan that blows warm air out of it and into your home. The air is blown into ductwork, where it evenly warms your home.

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