Why You Need Humidity During the Winter Months

While you may not welcome humidity during the hot summertime, it is a real necessity during the dry winter months. If your home is not properly humidified, you could deal with health issues in your home. Here are some things to lookout for while determining if your humidity levels are too low:

  1. Dry skin, noses, and lips. If you or someone in your family gets frequent bloody noses in the winter, if you’re constantly applying chap-stick, or cannot seem to use enough lotion to stop the hurting, cracking skin, then your humidity levels are probably too low.
  2. Breathing issues. These can range from moderate to intense in severity, but if you or a loved one is suffering from respiratory issues, it may have something to do with the humidity levels in your home. There is a reason people are sick less often and seem to breathe better in the summertime, and humidity is a big part of that.
  3. Cracking furniture and floors. If your wooden furniture or floors seem to be cracking and creaking extra this winter, higher humidity levels can combat that.
  4. Excessive dustiness or static electricity. These two issues basically speak for themselves, so if you’re tired of being shocked every time you walk across your carpet or are sick of the musty, dusty smell in your home, have your humidity levels checked.

There are many benefits to having a properly humidified home, so contact an expert at KW Lang for more information or to schedule Rocky River furnace repair.