World Series Weather And Cleveland Ohio Heating Repair

While the 2016 World Series is now history, there were some tense moments in the days leading up to the games. These worries were not due to which team might win or lose, but whether or not the weather would play a spoiler role in the game scheduling. The games are required to last for nine innings, but according to an MLB rule enacted following the 2008 Series, it may take as long as three days to play the innings.

Advance warning by the meteorologists helped to put plans in place for just such an eventuality. Likewise, a forecast of cooler weather and rain is a warning to homeowners to get the heating system tuned up before the cold weather hits. Cleveland Ohio heating repair professionals can perform a post-season check of the air conditioning units and a pre-season maintenance session to help avoid an emergency call when the temperature dips into the single digits.

In the days and even weeks, prior to the start of the series, fans and officials of the game were keeping a close eye on the weather forecast. The closer to the Wednesday starting time, it got, the more likely it was that rain would be a factor by 9 pm local time.

Further, the forecast said that the rainfall was not likely to let up on Thursday. Since all post-season games must go a full nine innings according to the rules, it could be Friday before the 2016 World Series winner was known.

The new rule has only been applied one time, in the first game of the 2011 American League Division Series. The contest was between the Tigers and Yankees at Yankee Stadium. When a surprise rain shower halted the game halfway through the second inning, the score was tied at 1 each. The game was resumed on the next day and the Yankees went on to win 9-3.

As is now known, the Cubs won the Series with a Game 7 win in extra innings. The game was delayed at the start of the 10th inning. This was only the 5th time that the 7th game lasted more than 9 innings and firs Game 7 to have a rain delay.

While both Cleveland and Chicago are known for wintry weather blasts, it is not typical to have both host cities subject to weather extremes. Preparing for winter weather is a significant part of the activities during the waning months of the year in both cities. The homeowners in Cleveland who plan ahead know that a call to the HVAC company before the winter weather hits may prevent an emergency situation during the cold weather.

A heating system needs regular maintenance to ensure that it is operating at peak efficiency. The electrical connections or gas fittings need to be free of corrosion and leaks. All connections must be properly adjusted. Dirt and debris on surfaces can seriously reduce the efficiency of the system. Even a microscopic layer of dust can cause the heating unit to work harder to keep the home or business at a comfortable temperature.

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