Why You Shouldn’t Attempt to Change Your AC Fan Speed on Your Own

AC being Repaired in Solon, OH

Even when the air conditioner in your Solon, Ohio home is working perfectly, you aren’t guaranteed to have the level of comfort that you really want. Although cranking up your air conditioner’s fan speed will give you a faster and more forceful flow of air, you should never attempt to make this adjustment by yourself. Like all other aspects of your air conditioner, fan speed settings must account for the nature of the AC model you own and the needs of your living environment.

Ideal AC Fan Settings Can Vary From Model to Model

Across nearly all air conditioner brands, 400 cubic feet per minute (CFM) is the standard fan speed. However, ideal fan settings are often specific to individual AC models based upon their size, cooling capacity, and overall design. More importantly, the standard fan speed isn’t necessarily the correct fan speed for you home. To arrive at the right setting, you’ll have to account for numerous factors that are specific to your living environment.

Cranking up Fan Speeds Rarely Provides the Desired Results

Increasing the speed of box fans and ceiling fans provides more air movement and increased comfort. This isn’t the case with air conditioners. Having more air flowing out of your HVAC air vents won’t make your living environment feel better if this air is only moderately cool. Slower fan speeds increase the amount of time that air is exposed to refrigerant at the AC evaporator coil. With the right fan speed setting for your home, the air exiting your vents may be moving slower, but it will likely be a lot colder too.

You Might Cause Humidity Problems When Making This Adjustment

Trying to adjust your air conditioner’s fan speed on your own can also lead to humidity issues. The wrong fan speed for your living environment could shorten your air conditioner’s cooling cycle. If your home cools down too fast and your air conditioner shuts off before it extracts excess moisture, the building interior will become muggy.

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