Why Is My Furnace Making a Loud Noise?

Furnace Repair in Solon, OH

A furnace making a loud noise is the most common reason people call to have it repaired. The sound your furnace is making can help you determine what the problem is.


If your furnace is making a clicking noise, it’s probably being caused by the ignition system. The flame sensor may be malfunctioning, or the burners are dirty. A faulty ignition board may be preventing gas from entering your furnace. You’ll need to hire a professional to inspect and repair your furnace.

High-Pitched Squeal

This noise usually means the blower is malfunctioning. Its motor has bearings that wear out over time. It could also be overheating because of a bad capacitor. Other causes could be a dirty air filter, closed air vents, and damaged ductwork.

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This sound typically means a part has come loose. However, it can also mean the heat exchanger is cracked, which creates a dangerous situation. You should shut your furnace off and call an HVAC company.


A banging noise can be caused by a delayed gas ignition problem. It can also be caused by your air ducts expanding and contracting. If you hear this noise when the furnace comes on, the issue is the gas ignition. It isn’t coming on right away, and so gas builds up. It then ignites, which can damage your furnace.


A scrapping noise indicates either worn-out ball bearings or the blower wheel has come loose. You should turn your furnace off and get a technician to your home as soon as possible.

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