Benefits of HVAC Zoning Systems

February 10, 2018

Ohio weather can range from moderate spring temperatures to well below freezing in the winter and a muggy mid-80s in the summer. Keeping your home comfortable regardless of the outside weather depends on a solid heating or air conditioning system. Standard central systems can leave the living room too hot and kitchen too cold. A single thermostat that controls all heating and cooling functions doesn’t adjust for micro temperature conditions. Creating a true climate controlled environment in every room of your home starts with a zoning system. What is a Zoning System? Zoning systems use multiple thermostats to control what areas in your home get the most airflow. This can be accomplished with smaller, individual systems linked to each thermostat or with a single larger unit that uses zone dampers to control where heated and cool air flows. In either case, thermostats in different areas of the home allow you to control the interior temperature as a more direct level. Why Choose a Zoning System? The benefits of heating and air conditioning zoning don’t end with superior comfort. By directing and controlling heating and cooling placement, you can also save on energy costs. Why heat the kitchen in the middle of the...

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