Furnace Safety 101

October 15, 2019

What Can You Do to Keep Your Furnace Safe? Although it’s rare for a furnace to catch on fire or leak carbon monoxide, these issues are possibilities. To prevent these problems from occurring, you should take a few safety measures. These include vacuuming the furnace, noticing when the pilot light has changed color, keeping items away from the furnace and scheduling annual maintenance. Vacuum Dust Away From the Vents Dust and pet dander collect on your vents and around the furnace. This lint and dust buildup could start a fire. You should vacuum the furnace and the vents once a month. Your manufacturer’s manual will explain how to clean and maintain the unit. If you have a wall furnace, remember to clean inside the burner compartment. Pay Attention to the Pilot Light Color A safe furnace will have a blue pilot light. If the pilot light is yellow or orange, then your furnace needs a professional cleaning or repair. in Solon is a trustworthy furnace repair company serving the Cleveland area. Keep Flammable and Combustible Items Away From the Furnace Never store paper, clothing, wood scraps, paint, gasoline and other flammable objects in front of a furnace. You shouldn’t even...

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