Why is an AC Tune-Up Important

April 27, 2018

Air Conditioners need proper maintenance just like your trusty car does. Waiting until a problem occurs costs time and money and often can be prevented with a regular AC tune-up. It is important that your unit has a routine check. There are several benefits to routine maintenance. Saves Money Air conditioners consume a large portion of the average electric bill. A proper tune-up finds and fixes any issues that could be causing an excessive electric bill. This could include things such as dirt in the system or faulty parts. In addition, not fixing minor issues results in major problems down the road. An AC without proper routine care could result in the need for a new AC sooner than you planned. Regular tune-ups save money both with the electric bill and in the extended life on the AC and its components. Improved Air Quality A poorly maintained unit or excessive dirt and debris often results in poor air quality in a home. With regular checks, issues with poor air quality can be greatly reduced or eliminated. This is especially important for those with lung issues, for the young and the elderly. Even pets are affected by air that is not...

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