Should You Cover Your Air Conditioner After Summer?

Summer is coming to an end and winter looming in the distance. Thus, you need to prepare for a change in seasons as a homeowner. Check the doors and windows of your home. Clean the gutters as you prepare for the falling seeds and leaves. Additionally, ensure you change the filters of your air purifier ad cover any unprotected water lines. Subsequently, check the air conditioner. It is vulnerable, and you are not sure whether to cover it or not. Here are some things to consider when making the choice.

Designed for the Job

An outdoor air conditioner is designed as an all-weather device. Once it’s operational, the airflow around it should not be impeded since the AC transfers heat from the inside of your home to the outside. Covering any airflow routes will complicate the unit’s ability to function. Wait until you’re sure you won’t be using it to cover the unit.

Leaves and Seeds

The falling of flowers and seeds characterizes the fall season. Ventilation slots in the air conditioner are located at the top. Thus, some debris from the trees can get into the AC and form moisture, which can corrode the AC. Large nuts like walnuts might not affect your unit right away. When you turn it on, the fan will bang the seeds against the walls. It is not only noisy and disruptive, but it will also dent the fan. To keep away this foliage, consider covering the air conditioner a few inches to sides. You will get to protect the unit without the risk of any other problems. It’s also worthwhile to consider trimming any branches directly above your AC.

Dirt and Dust

When left uncovered, dirt and dust might get into the AC, resulting in dirty ducts, fans, and condenser coils. Dirty air ducts can worsen allergies and asthma due to poor air quality. Further, dirt is a sponge. Once it gets wet, the water will not evaporate properly. As a result, mold and mildew will develop, causing musty odors. Dirty ducts and fans reduce the efficiency of your AC unit. Regular maintenance can help clean out any accumulated dirt, but covers will help with preventing the issue in the first place.

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