3 Common AC Compressor Problems

July 20, 2022

An AC compressor is used to pressurize and circulate the refrigerant through the system. Many components inside an AC compressor need to be checked for proper operation for it to work correctly. The following are some of the most common compressor problems. 1. Starting Issues There are several reasons why an AC will not start. The main reason is that the compressor is failing. A compressor that is slowly failing will sometimes start fine but add a load to the motor and cause it to immediately shut off. Also, if an AC compressor has been sitting for a long time, the oil inside can dry out, causing it to not be able to start. To check for starting issues, disconnect power from the unit and immediately start it back on. If you have a failing compressor, you’ll notice issues starting the system. 2. Strange Sounds A noisy AC compressor can be caused by the bearings in the compressor wearing out. The fan may also begin to fail, causing noise and vibration. If your system has strange sounds while running, you should check everything inside of the unit. 3. Breaker Problems A failing compressor can cause the breaker to short circuit....

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