Summer Weather At The GOP Convention

In advance of the GOP Convention in Cleveland, there was some concern about the ways in which the weather can affect behavior and attitudes. An often-repeated forecast of stormy behavior is believed to have a link to the possibly turbulent conditions which were in some forecasts. Summer weather at the GOP convention was predicted to be marked by a cold front on Monday, July 18. This weather pattern was expected to persist through Tuesday of Convention Week. Wednesday through Friday was expected to be free of precipitation.

The clouds and thundershowers might be considered as a positive or negative feature for the many delegates, officials and security personnel who were scheduled to camp out in the area throughout the week of the Convention. There were forecasts for a level of tension and even violence which had security personnel quite concerned, in advance of the events. High temperatures can make people more on edge. That, coupled with the already high tensions which were forecast were a concern to those who were responsible for keeping the peace and maintaining security.

The predicted temperatures for in the high 60s for the low temp and ranging up to high 80s during the daytime. The humidity rate was predicted to remain high throughout the period of convention events. The heat and prediction of rain may have affected the number of outdoor demonstrations which occurred during the convention, but many people chose to continue with their activities in spite of temperatures, humidity, and precipitation.

While the weather conditions did not vary significantly from the forecasts, the behavior of attendees was much more peaceful than security officials expected. The warm temperatures of the weather patterns were not matched by flaring tempers in the delegates and protesters.

Typical summer weather patterns in Cleveland and the surrounding area are classified as continental. The average July high temperature is 83 degrees F. And the average low temperature is 64 degrees F. The average precipitation is 3.46 inches. The 2016 summer season was not significantly different that the historical averages.

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