Seasonal Air Conditioning Maintenance

With summer approaching, it is time to start thinking about your air conditioner. No one likes emergency repairs as they are inconvenient and often expensive. The best way to avoid an emergency HVAC repair is through routine maintenance. When it comes to HVAC service Beachwood locals know that KW Lang is the premier service company. When you schedule your seasonal maintenance with us, you will have a knowledgeable technician who will service your unit. Each visit includes:

  • Cleaning – the technician will clean all parts of your equipment. This includes the condenser coils, drain lines, valves, and filters. The tech will also make sure that you know how to change your filter as this should be done monthly. A clean unit is less likely to clog and break down. In addition, a clean air conditioner operates more efficiently which saves you money on your cooling bill.
  • Lubrication – all moving parts of your equipment are lubricated to help prevent wear and tear. This prolongs the life of your AC unit and keeps it running at its best.
  • Electrical components are tested – the connectors, shut offs, motors, fans, and blowers are all tested for proper operation and safety.
  • Refrigerant – the refrigerant is checked and charged as needed. This makes it less likely that your AC will break unexpectedly.
  • Repairs – any necessary repairs are recommended and you are given a price quote. Many issues can be fixed that same visit.

The best way to keep your HVAC running at its best all summer is with seasonal maintenance. The best time to have your unit serviced is before you start using it. This will make sure that your AC is running efficiently all summer long. Call us today for the premier AC maintenance in Beachwood.