Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Might Be Squeaking

Noisy AC in Solon, OH

As you’re relaxing on a hot and swampy day, the last thing you likely want is a problem with your air conditioner. When that squeaking noise starts up, ignoring the issue might be tempting, but doing so can lead to more extensive and costly repairs later on. Learn some of the reasons why the air conditioner might be making that unpleasant sound.

It’s Getting Started

Keep in mind that at the beginning of the hot season, the air conditioner has potentially not been turned on for many months. If your air conditioner squeaks when the unit is first turned on for the season, and then the noise goes away, you might not have anything to worry about it.

It’s Working too Hard

The air conditioner might be working too hard to keep up with the home’s cooling demands, which could lead to a squeaking sound. Consider if you need to keep the temperature as low as you currently have it set. Setting the unit to a low temperature can require the parts within the air conditioner to have to work harder, which can ultimately lead to squeaking.

The Parts Need Repair or Replacement

One or more of the parts in the air conditioner may be in need of repair or replacement. A squeaking sound could be indicative of a variety of issues, including a problematic air filter, evaporator coil, blower motor, or belt system. The bearings could also be faulty. A qualified service provider can diagnose the issue and recommend either repair or replacement as appropriate.

When your air conditioner is making unusual noises or experiencing other issues, KW Lang Mechanical in Solon can help. Our team members offer repair, installation, and maintenance services for both heating and cooling systems in residential and commercial settings. Other services include preventative maintenance, indoor air quality tests, and the installation of green technology. To schedule a consultation to get your air conditioner serviced and repaired, contact KW Lang Mechanical today.