Licensed vs. Unlicensed Contractors

Licensed HVAC Contractor in Cleveland, OH

Taking good care of your heating and air conditioning system means having it serviced annually. It could also have problems and need attention sooner than that. However, all service providers are not equal. There is a wide gap between the services of a licensed contractor and those of others who did not go through the rigorous process of becoming licensed.

Licensed Contractors Come With Benefits

When you hire a licensed contractor, you are not simply hiring a professional skilled in their trade. Having a license means that the work is guaranteed and if there is ever a problem, the ability to have it fix is included with the package. A licensed and insured contractor can make certain that your warranties are valid and will register your HVAC system and other equipment on your behalf.

A licensed contractor has gone through testing at the state level to assess their skills and knowledge of their craft. Besides passing the exams, they must submit to extensive background checks and carry comprehensive insurance. This amounts to peace of mind for the customer when using licensed contractors. It means protection of assets and property, including your HVAC unit.

Trying to Save Money Might Cost You More

One of the biggest reasons to not use an unlicensed contractor is that doing so is an illegal act. It is against the law to employ someone to fix your HVAC system if they are not licensed. Sometimes, you could also have fees to pay should you proceed along that route. Worst, however, is if an unlicensed contractor gets hurt on your property, you could be liable for their medical expenses. If your property is damaged as a result of their workmanship, they may leave you holding the bag with no recourse. In addition, an unlicensed contractor cannot get local or state permits if needed.

If you are going to fix an HVAC issue, do not create another one by hiring the wrong contractor. Employing only highly skilled, licensed, and insured contractors, KW Lang Mechanical in Solon, Ohio is the right company for all of your HVAC needs. Whether your system needs cleaning, replacement, or anything in between, our licensed technicians can handle the job with the utmost professionalism. Call today to schedule an appointment.