Is it Possible to Combine Heating and Cooling Systems?

Traditionally, homes have a source of heating, such as a furnace and an air conditioner. However, there are two newer heating and cooling systems that combine both comforts. Here’s a look at these two options.

Is it Possible to Combine Heating and Cooling Systems?

Air Source Heat Pump

This type of system can keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, using just one outdoor unit. It works by pulling heat from the air in the winter and sending it indoors through your ducts. The system works in reverse in the summer, pulling heat from your home and expelling it outside.

An air source heat pump has a backup source of heat, so that if it gets really cold a house can still stay warm. A benefit of these systems is that they are more energy efficient than separate heating and cooling systems. You also just need to have one system maintained instead of two.

KW Lang Mechanical is located in Solon, Ohio. We install, tune-up and repair air source heat pumps. We sell infinity, performance and comfort series of heat pumps. We service all other brands as well.

Ductless Air System

A ductless air system also heats and cools your home. It, too, has an outdoor component that exchanges heat with the air. It can be paired with up to five wall-mounted air handlers.

This type of system doesn’t need ductwork. This makes them energy efficient, as in most homes 30% or more of conditioned air escapes from ductwork. They are also very quiet, so it’s no problem to install an air exchanger in a bedroom. You can heat just an addition to your home with a ductless air system or your entire home.

Your Heating and Cooling Authority

KW Lang Mechanical has been in business since 1927. As a factory authorized Carrier dealer, we specialize in installing, replacing, tuning-up and repairing heating and cooling systems. We offer green technology, such as water source heat pumps and geothermal systems. Please contact us today at our Solon, OH, office to make an appointment.

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