Indoor Air Pollution from Cooking

Cooking is something that almost everyone does in their homes, but what people don’t know is that it contributes quite a bit to indoor air pollution. Let’s take a look at why home-cooked meals might be polluting your home and what you can do about it.

How Cooking Adds to Indoor Air Pollution

The reason why cooking contributes to indoor air pollution is because you’re burning foreign substances and releasing them into the air. You’re releasing natural gas into the air if you have a gas stove, and any food that you cook releases chemicals and particles into the air. The same goes for any coatings that might be on pots and pans to prevent sticking.

Reducing Air Pollution From Cooking

The good news is that it isn’t that hard to reduce cooking-related air pollution. First of all, make good use of the range hood above your stove. Turn it on whenever you’re using your stovetop, and make sure it’s in good working condition. If you don’t have a range hood, have one installed.

Next, open the windows in or near your kitchen. Opening one window is sometimes enough, but try to open a couple of windows to create a cross breeze and create adequate ventilation. Do this before you use your stove or oven.

Finally, make sure your stove and oven are clean and in good shape. Clean off the burners and stovetop after every use so you’re not burning away old spills, and clean your oven thoroughly every three months. If you have a gas stove, contact KW Lang Mechanical to make sure that it is working properly and not leaking any natural gas.

For more information about reducing indoor air quality or for anything else HVAC-related, contact KW Lang Mechanical in Solon, OH today to learn more about our services or if you’re concerned about your home’s air quality.

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