How To Test Indoor Air Quality For Mold

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Mold spores are a dangerous contaminant that can cause numerous health issues, including things like asthma attacks and severe allergic reactions. You should not take this invisible threat to your family’s health lightly. If you worry about the possibility of mold spores impacting your home’s indoor air quality, you should take action at once to detect and eliminate mold spores.

How to Detect Mold

Testing for mold is a relatively simple process. Many retailers sell home mold testing kits, which allow homeowners to conduct their own testing. While this may seem like a good DIY project, calling in a pro is a better alternative.

Home testing can be tricky as you move from one location to another. Once you test in an environment that is likely to have mold, such as a basement bathroom, it is easy to transfer mold spores from that area to every other area tested, leading to false positives in other locations. KW Lang Mechanical can ensure your testing is valid and provide you tailored solutions for your Solon, OH, home.

Areas likely to contain mold include:

  • Inside basement walls (behind drywall)
  • Behind your refrigerator
  • Below sinks
  • Inside walls with plumbing lines
  • Inside ventilation ducts
  • Under any flooring that was wet in the past

What to Do If You Have Mold Spores

If testing reveals a mold problem in your home, you may be able to kill the mold with the use of bleach or other products designed specifically for mold. It is also a good idea to install indoor air quality products like UV lights to kill mold spores before your furnace circulates them through your home.

At KW Lang Mechanical, we are passionate about helping our customers in Solon, OH, and the surrounding communities improve their indoor air quality. We offer a variety of products and services to ensure our client’s comfort and health, including UV light air purifiers, heating and cooling install, repair and maintenance, and green technology.

To learn more about how these products can help you eliminate concerns about mold and other contaminants, and how we can help you with all your heating and cooling needs, give KW Lang Mechanical a call today!

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