How to Soundproof an HVAC System

Soundproof AC in Solon, OH

The HVAC system can be the biggest noise culprit in contemporary buildings. Proper insulation and soundproofing will keep the activity area quiet that could get disturbed by the hum and other noises from air and ventilation systems. Here are some best ways to soundproof an HVAC system:

1. Remove and Replace the Air Vent

The easiest way to soundproof HVAC is to replace the air vent with a quieter, thicker model. The soundproofing vent should be able to reduce 90% of the noise coming from the unit.

2. Use Flexible Ducts

Flexible ducts are a great choice for soundproofing your HVAC system. They’re easy to install and made of materials that are flexible enough to withstand the movement of your HVAC system.

3. Upgrade the HVAC System

The availability of higher energy-efficient HVAC systems with the ability to perform will contribute to your savings, and they are usually quieter. Replace the older style ducting with newer insulated ductwork. New insulation and sealing leakage points can also help reduce sounds within your home.

4. Buy a Duct Silencer

The HVAC duct silencer has been designed to reduce the noise produced by air conditioning and ventilation systems. They are used in residential and commercial applications, especially in new construction where the builder must meet noise ordinances. This item is a great addition to your home for two reasons: it’s easy to install and saves money.

Get Regular Maintenance to Address System Noise

If the noise from your system is related to a loud air conditioner or furnace, this can be addressed by a professional during regular maintenance. Whistling through ducts is often a sign of a leak. Banging or rattling noises may indicate clogged intakes or issues with fan blades. These kinds of inspections are done on a regular basis by the pros, so it can save a lot of time and frustration to work with someone trained in HVAC maintenance to troubleshoot your noise issues.

Contact a Professional for More Ideas

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