How to Choose the Right HVAC Contractor

The repair or replacement of your home’s heating, cooling or ventilation equipment could represent a substantial investment. The choice of a contractor is too important for you to merely leave it to chance. To find a qualified HVAC contractor, we suggest that you follow these steps.

3 Ways to Find Companies With Good Reputations

Start by creating a short list of heating and cooling companies in your region. You can then narrow down your options by:

  • 1. Asking family, friends and neighbors for references
  • 2. Looking at online review sites for top performers
  • 3. Checking ratings at the Better Business Bureau

Ask the Right Questions When You Make Contact

Before you schedule a home visit for an estimate, confirm that the company has proper licensing and insurance. The firm should provide this information, and you can check it easily with a telephone call or website visit to a licensing agency or insurance office.

During your initial contact, find out if the contractor will provide any references. You’ll probably want to look into a few of these references before hiring someone.

You should also discuss with the contractor the types of furnaces, air conditioners or heat pumps the company sells and installs. Information about products and manufacturers should be somewhere on the company’s website, such as the products page for KW Lang Mechanical in Solon.

How to Evaluate Your Estimate

Before a contractor writes an installation quote, the technician should know the square footage of your home. This information is crucial for sizing a home heating and cooling system correctly. Size matters for comfort and efficiency.

You should always get the estimate in writing. The quote needs to show the total for equipment and labor, detail tasks and specify any warranties. An estimate for appropriate equipment or new parts should be acceptable as long as it fits your budget and you’ve confirmed your contractor’s credentials.

A reputable contractor such as KW Lang Mechanical will be willing to answer any of your questions. We’re highly qualified to install, repair and maintain furnaces, air conditioners and geothermal equipment throughout the entire Cleveland area. Contact KW Lang Mechanical today.

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