Easily Fix Your Home’s Uneven Heating

Uneven Heating in Solon, OH

Struggling with uneven heating in your home can be difficult and frustrating. Uneven heating is a common issue that leaves many households bundled up throughout the winter season. Try these tips to find the root of your problem and start fully warming up your home.

Check the Furnace

Uneven heating can indicate a problem with your ductwork or furnace system. Your furnace may be struggling due to a clogged filter or damaged parts. Ductwork is liable to develop tears and holes due to age, damage, and pests. Regularly schedule maintenance for your system to keep it functioning efficiently. Professional repairs can extend the lifespan of your system and prevent issues like gas leaks.

Uncover the Vents

If you’re getting plenty of heat in some rooms but not in others, check all of the vents and registers to ensure they’re not blocked. Furniture and rugs can often get in the way of the airflow. Wipe off the vent covers and vacuum around and inside to remove hair and dust. If you’re still struggling with uneven heating, consider installing a temperature zoning system to gain better control of the heating in your home.

Adjust the Thermostat Fan

You may have switched your thermostat to auto when the cold season began. This is often the best choice as it turns off the fan when the heat isn’t running. However, you can even out the heating in your home by turning your thermostat to the on position. Constantly moving the air around the home can circulate the heat to colder rooms faster.

Professional Full-Service HVAC Company

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