It can be a good idea to look into a ductless mini-split air conditioner in Westlake, OH, whether you have a single outbuilding to cool or several rooms inside your home. Some may think a mini-split AC installation serves a limited purpose, but these systems are versatile and quite capable of supplying a near-equivalent of whole-house cooling. Eight air handlers can hook up to a single compressor, which means eight rooms can get the cool air you and your family want.

Reasons to Choose Ductless AC

One reason why homeowners opt for mini-splits is that they want to avoid the hassle that comes with ductwork. Some homes can’t even structurally support ductwork, such as older homes with historic value. And with ductwork, there’s always some waste of energy. In fact, as much as 30% of cool air that gets circulated by a heat pump is lost through the cracks and seams of the ductwork. Mini-splits eliminate that waste and are thus more energy efficient.

There are other reasons to go ductless.
  • An average of 30 years of performance
  • Variable-speed capability
  • Features like directional airflow
  • Multiple temperature zones for personalized comfort

You want to put off replacing a system, any system, for as long as possible, and mini-splits will let you do just that. This is assuming that you get a professional to maintain your units every year and don’t overuse them. Taking advantage of variable-speed operation helps keep the unit durable, too, because it avoids the wear and tear associated with continual shutdown and start-up.

Above all, you’ll love the possibilities that open up with having a thermostat in each room where there’s an air handler. Your family members can set the temperature they think is most comfortable, and you won’t need to cool empty rooms like you would with a central AC. These thermostats have wireless capabilities, so you can turn on an air handler and adjust the settings while away from home.

Westlake Mini-Split AC Installation Team

Opening in 2001, KW Lang Mechanical has become a well-known provider of ductless air conditioners. We actually have more than 100 years of combined experience. Together, let’s plan out the installation project. You can count on us for up-front pricing and detail-oriented work. As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer and a winner of the Carrier President’s Award, we strongly back the products that Carrier offers. You’re bound to find an efficient unit that fits your budget. Financing is available on approved credit.

Get in touch with KW Lang Mechanical today to see what ductless mini-split air conditioner or HVAC service would work for your home in Westlake.