Are You Wasting Money and Energy by Opening the Windows?

It’s only natural for homeowners in Solon, OH, and its surrounding areas to look for ways to reduce energy use for cooling and heating. With your HVAC system primarily driven by electricity, at times, the cost of utility bills might be high. In addition, the big question you might be battling with is, will sleeping with windows open save energy and save me money? If this is your question, this information will be helpful. Read on to decide what’s best for your system and loved ones.

Air Conditioning vs. Open Windows

When you sleep with the windows open, you allow outdoor pollutants into your home. Moreover, since your system is meant to keep your indoor air clean and breathable, that means it’ll work harder than it usually would to remove these pollutants. In the end, your system will use up more energy, causing an increase in electricity bills. Furthermore, when your system works harder than it should, it simply translates to more extreme wear and tear. In the end, your system will become less efficient and take longer to cool your home than it normally would.

Let’s not forget that you might be allowing humid air from the outside into your home. Since moist air conveys more heat than dry air would, your air conditioner will need to work more to achieve the desired indoor temperatures, causing an increase in energy usage. Furthermore, this moisture will make sleep uncomfortable for individuals with asthma and other allergies.

In the end, there’s not much energy saved. Instead, you’ll risk the health of your loved ones and possibly decrease the lifespan of your system. The team of experts at KW Lang Mechanical recommends that you invest in an energy-efficient system that will not only make your home smart but also reduce your system’s energy consumption.

We understand the health risks attributed to poor indoor air quality. Moreover, we understand your need to cut down energy costs and save some cash. As such, since 1927, we’ve been providing quality and economical heating and cooling solutions to residents in Solon, OH, and the surrounding areas. Our highly skilled technicians are equipped with the knowledge and the right tools to handle your HVAC repairs, replacement, installation, and maintenance needs. Additionally, we are one of Cleveland’s leading quality indoor air solutions suppliers. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to invest in VRF systems or Green HVAC Systems.

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