Tips for First Time Home Buyers in Solon OH

Home buying in Solon, OH can be overwhelming. There are so many things to compare. First-time home buyers lists of preferences usually include preferred location, house size, and quality of the room decor. Don’t ignore the details of a home. You can quickly change bad paint colors and old carpet, but not an HVAC system. Here are a few tips for first-time home buyers.

Age Matters

A house can receive a surface upgrade at any time. Construction built in 1970 likely included interior design elements like gold shag carpet and paisley printed wallpaper. Looking at that same house today, with new carpet and wall colors, upgraded light fixtures and beautiful granite countertops it’s easy to assume the house is in excellent condition.

With all those surface upgrades it’s possible the house still has the original plumbing, electrical system, and HVAC unit. When considering a home purchase, focus on high-dollar issues before making a decision.

Get an Inspection

It might be tempting to skip a home inspection, but it’s a necessary step when buying a home in Solon, OH. According to “The home’s vents, flues, and chimneys should be inspected. The inspector should be able to tell you the water heater’s age, its energy rating, and whether the size is adequate for the house. They should also describe and inspect all the central air and through-wall cooling equipment.” Check out the entire list of what an inspection includes here.

Compare Quotes

If the home inspection documents the house has an older HVAC system, it is in your best interest to explore the situation further. It’s possible the unit only needs an AC tune-up, but in Solon, OH first time home buyers know that they may run both air and heat on the same day during the crazy Midwest seasonal transitions!

Take the time to compare cost differences on tune-ups vs. HVAC system replacement. You can negotiate documented costs for repairs or a replacement into the purchase price. When it comes to making a final decision, the most important thing is to know what you are inheriting if you buy the home. If your HVAC system is older, but not in need of replacement, it will be worth the cost of a preventative maintenance plan to extend the life of the system.

Don’t let your dream home pass by because an upgrade is needed. Make an informed decision and if AC or Furnace issues in Solon do arise contact KW Lang Mechanical a heating and cooling services company located in Solon, OH.