3 Signs Your Furnace Is Ready to Be Replaced

Furnace Installation in Solon, OH

The average furnace is rated to last up to 20 years. Despite this fact, many furnaces offer about 15 years of reliable performance, and most lose nearly half of their efficiency after just one decade. Being able to identify the signs of a heater that’s on its last legs is essential for keeping the interior of your Solon, OH, home consistently warm. If you haven’t replaced your heating equipment in some time, be on the lookout for these three common signs of an impending breakdown.

1. Loud Noises and Unpleasant Odors

Just because a heater still turns on and produces warm air, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s in good condition. This is especially true if you have a furnace that is well past its 15-year mark and has become increasingly noisy. Furnaces that make loud popping, clanging or whistling sounds while they work are often quite close to the end of their lifespans. This is also true of furnaces that constantly emit burnt, dry or extremely dusty smells during operation regardless of how often they’re serviced or cleaned.

2. Hot and Cold Spots

An efficient furnace should be able to heat your home consistently and evenly. Hot and cold spots throughout the building may indicate leaky ductwork or other problems throughout the air delivery system. However, with older heaters, hot and cold spots can also mean that dated and excessively worn equipment is having a harder time distributing heated air effectively.

3. Increased Repair Costs and Higher Home Energy Bills

Take stock of how much you’re spending to keep an old furnace in operation. You may find that you’re paying more to hang onto your old furnace than you would if you opt to install a brand-new one. Not only do furnaces lose about half of their efficiency after approximately one decade of use, but efficiency losses are also ongoing and progressive after this point. If you’ve recently had dramatic increases in your home energy bill, or if you’re paying hundreds of dollars annually in furnace repairs, now is definitely a good time to schedule a furnace replacement.

With a service history that spans back to 1927, KW Lang Mechanical provides superior heating and cooling services to residents of the Greater Solon area. This includes the full range of installation, maintenance and repair. We also offer VRF systems and green technology. If your furnace is no longer offering the reliable, efficient performance you deserve, give us a call today to schedule furnace replacement service.

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