What’s Causing Your AC Leak?

May 19, 2022

All traditional air conditioners produce water as they cool your home. This condensation is often safely removed via your drain line and drip pan. If you’re struggling with an AC water leak, one or more parts of these components may be compromised. Here are the most common causes behind air conditioner leaks. Clogged Drain Line Your AC’s drain or condensate line may become clogged over time due to mold, mildew, dirt, and debris. Clogs in the line can cause the water to overfill your drip pan and leak into the home. Continued leaking will compromise other parts of your AC and lead to decreased indoor air quality. Your drain line needs regular maintenance to ensure it’s clean and functioning as intended. You can easily clean this line yourself with vinegar or a wet-dry vacuum if dealing with a harder clog. If the leaking persists or worsens, contact a trained HVAC professional immediately. Incorrectly Installed AC An AC may begin leaking if it hasn’t been correctly installed. Window AC units should be tilted slightly back so the water moves naturally outside of the home. If the unit is tilted forward, you’re more likely to struggle with the drip pan overfilling. Your...

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