Energy-Efficient Curtains: Maximize Savings and Comfort

April 5, 2021

Energy-efficient curtains are something that saves you money on heating and cooling your home. Since heating and cooling your home accounts for half of your energy costs, these curtains are an effective way to save money. Understanding Energy-Efficient Curtains Energy-efficient curtains, often referred to as drapes, feature a specialized backing material that is dense and sponge-like. This unique lining serves a dual purpose by effectively blocking sunlight during summer months and preventing heat loss through windows during winter. These curtains provide an extra layer of insulation for your windows, enhancing their ability to regulate indoor temperatures. Additionally, for added efficiency, you can opt for a secondary curtain placed between the drapes and the window, serving the same function of preserving indoor temperatures and bolstering energy conservation. Summer Choose a curtain with a light color to prevent the sun from warming your home in the summer. Light colors reflect sunlight rather than absorbing it. You should keep your windows closed when it’s sunny out to reduce the cost of cooling your home. Winter Open your curtains in the winter when it’s sunny out. This will allow the sun to heat your home for free. Close the curtains when it’s not sunny...

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