MarymountIn 2008, KW Lang Mechanical installed its first Variable Refrigerant system for the Marymount Congregational Home in Garfield Heights, Ohio. Sister Joyce the owner’s rep for the facility has been tracking the utility costs since both before and after the VRF systems installation. In reviewing the utility savings to date Sister Joyce acclaims “it is amazing”.

Prior to the installation of the VRF system, the Marymount Congregational home had total gas & electric utility costs ranging from $91,186.68 to $113,283.61, in the years 2004 to 2007. Following the renovation period, Sister Joyce and the Marymount Congregational Home have seen their electric and gas utility costs fall to a range of $24,268.94 to $30,838.62 from the years 2010 till present (estimated through the end of 2014). Averaging the yearly utility savings, roughly $80,896.00 a year has been saved, which is truly amazing to say the least.

KW Lang Mechanical has successfully designed and installed multiple Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems across Northeast Ohio since their initial offerings began in the US in the late 2000s. After installing all these systems it is no longer a surprise that the owner is satisfied with the systems operation, comfort, and most importantly utility savings.

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The Utility Study 2004 Through 2014